Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello World?


My name is Marlene, and I am companion to the Painted Kitty (aka Harley). He earned this title by sitting in the middle of one of my first art projects when it was still wet. By doing so, he also earned a midnight trip to the shower. He was not amused.

Neither was I.

But now, in his honor, I have set up an Etsy shop and called my new itty bitty business "Painted Kitty Creations". I decoupage stuff like frames, switch plates, vases, boxes, blocks, and pretty much anything else I can get my mitts on. I also occasionally take an awesome photograph.

I was blogging on Wordpress, but I have not been happy with some of their features, so I am checking out Blobspot.

My laptop just died a flaming death of glory (not really flaming, but it sounds good), so I have made myself a promise to be more diligent in blogging (every day instead of once a month). Sort of like a new-computer resolution.

Stick around and lets talk about stuff!

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