Sunday, March 22, 2009

Point of Pride

About two months ago, a friend of mine commissioned a piece of original artwork based on one of the picture poems included in Kenneth Patchen's "The Walking Away World". Today, I completed it and I am simply beside myself in love with it (which, for me, is a big deal - because I pick all my own work to pieces)... so I have to share.

Here is a photo of the finished piece:

"Walk Away World" by Marlene M. Baldwin
based on excerpt from "The Walking Away World" by Kenneth Patchen
Papercut on Cardstock and Wood
March 22, 2009

I took it in to have the frame assembled, and was flat-out shocked when the guy asked me where I'd found the frame in the store because he couldn't find the price tag. When I told him I had bought it unfinished, decorated it myself, then brought it back, he was surprised. When I came back to pick it up, he commented that the verse was actually quite ominous, and asked me what everything was made of (the detail on the frame, the design around the text)... he thought it was finely worked clay - not just cut paper.

I tell you, that gave me the BEST feeling to see a complete stranger be so taken with my work. That kind of thing just makes a body glow from the inside out!

Here are a few more pictures, for posterity's sake. The photos really don't do the piece justice, but they are the best I can do right now:

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  1. *bweeeeee*!!! I love my pretty art so much!!!

    I hope you'll do more comm. pieces for me in the future, after the memorial frame is finished. It's very worth saving up for!